11 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.  - Beverly

Speakers/Trainers: Michael O’Guin

What price are you going to bid?  One of the most important questions you will make in any competition.  Come to this presentation and hear how the top performers use a process called Price-to-Win (PTW) to identify the winning number.  This presentation will describe a proven methodology that we have used to help our clients win $401 Billion in contract awards.   To identify highest price you can bid and still win, (i.e. the PTW), we have to understand the customer and the competitor(s).  For the customer, you must identify how much money they have for you, what they really want, what they will evaluate as price, whether they are willing to pay more for a better solution and, if so, how much more.  For the competitor, you need to understand what they are going to offer and what they are going to charge for it.   The presenter will describe what intelligence you need to answer these questions and where to find it.